Water Supply and Irrigation

An Overview Of Water Supply and Irrigation Related Services

Our Water Supply and Irrigation Services

Water Supply and Sewerage

YEC undertakes professional services to provide detailed engineering design for water supply and sewerage
projects. The water supply schemes and sewerage schemes are important landmarks regarding overall
development of the civic life in a town/ city/ metropolitan. A safe and potable water supply and sewerage scheme are both equally important for the health and hygiene of the residents. Due care is taken regarding Demand and Forecast, Source, Design of various components e.g. Rising Main, Storage, Filter Plants, Distribution Network, Leakage & NRW Reduction, Water Quality and Treatment, Design of Sewerage Network, Sewage Treatment Plant and effluent Disposal, collection of samples and Testing etc. Likewise during construction supervision necessary layout of various water supply & sewerage works with regular monitoring for progress of works is maintained.

Water Resources & Irrigation

Water Resources and Irrigation system in any state / nation are signs of prosperity and lead towards better economic and social conditions of people in the region. YEC has the required professional staff and equipment to provide design services in this field including Collection of Revenue record (Sajra Map, Khasra, Jamabadi and Khatoni etc.), Sub-surface Geotechnical investigations, Detailed design and Drawings of Canals / distributaries and storage reservoirs etc.