An Overview Of Structures Related Services

Our Structure Services

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Buildings and Planning

Building of various types, size and heights are designed and constructed as per their requirement and use. YEC has sufficient staff for planning and designing various civil structures and buildings. The company has well equipped laboratory for field tests and geo-technical investigations etc.

Bridges and Flyovers

Bridges, Flyovers and Grade Separators are essential components of Highway for Infrastructure Development of any State / Nation. Social, Economic and Industrial development is largely facilitated by provision of these structures. YEC has suitable experience in the design of Roads, Bridges, Flyovers and ROBs etc. Our engineers have relevant experience in design and supervision of all types of bridges, concrete slab T-Beam Girders and Pre-stressed concrete girder for highway structure such as flyovers, and over bridges etc. YEC has experience of rehabilitation of existing road bridges and structures also.

YEC always aims at incorporating the latest technology for designing bridges and appurtenant structures to go for safer, commercial and aesthetically sound structures. Our company has special emphasis on durability, technical viability, social and environmental impacts, availability of local materials etc. YEC undertakes to provide following services for bridge Design Engineering in addition to project management/construction supervision of bridge works by also taking up financial analysis including analyzing cost benefit ratio, analysis for Toll Rates etc.

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Urban Infrastructure

Urban Infrastructure Development Structures are of vast importance for any city. The citizens are facilitated by availability of these urban infrastructures e.g. roads, flyovers, undertakings, ROB, Water supply, sewerage, sanitation, health centers and other infrastructures etc. YEC has necessary staff and facilities to undertake the consultancy services for such urban infrastructure development works including Topographical and Total station surveys, Geotechnical Investigations, Collection
of field data and compilation, Design of water supply systems, Structural designs of various structures, Preliminary and Detailed Design Reports and Bills of Quantities and Estimation etc.