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An Overview Of Roads and Highways Related Services

Our Roads and Highways Services


Highways are important demarcations for life line of any state or nation regarding support to existing Industrial
/ Economic development of the Nation. YEC has all the required experience in all types of Highways Projects for planning, feasibility studies, preliminary reports Engineering detailed reports, design, construction supervision, project management, operation and maintenance including preparation of project for private sector participation under BOT. In Design Services, we also undertake Road Inventory and pavement Condition, Traffic & Transportation studies, Pavement Design, Toll Collection System Design and viability of Toll Collection System, private Sector participation identification, risk analysis, concession document preparation etc. YEC has extensive experience in construction supervision of National Highways/State Highway and expressways etc. YEC has considerable experience of National Competitive Bidding with FIDIC Conditions of Contract. Operations and Maintenance work were taken up on BOT etc.


The Rural Roads are the basic infrastructure required for development of rural areas. Keeping this in view the Govt. of India launched a major rural road program known as Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) for rural connectivity. It aimed at providing connectivity by good all Weather roads to all villages in specified years. YEC has the required experience and experts for planning, feasibility studies, preliminary reports, detailed Engineering design & preparation of detailed project report including construction supervision etc.
Our Engineers take care of all possible site conditions of terrain, type of land available (including forest land) soil characteristics, social and environmental impacts, outcome of Transect Walk and alternative alignments etc. Technical Specifications and Geometric design standards are taken conforming to those given in the Rural Roads Manual of the IRC. YEC has sufficient experience in Construction Supervision of Rural Roads with expertise on quality control of roads / Bridge works. Our company is well equipped with all necessary manpower and laboratory facilities for requirement of these services. YEC provides construction supervision services to suit the needs of project as per site conditions, requirement by Client and in conformity with “Specifications for Roads” IRC-Code.